Several things should be taken into consideration while studying Palmistry and some of those facts are given below for your reference. When these rules are followed best results can be obtained from the palm-study.

1) Don't touch the hand of the person who has come for palm-analysis. This is becuase the electric current of your body will come in contact wuth the current of his body and the genuine features of his hands will be lost. Therefore keep your hands folded while seeing any hand.

2) Ordinarily, a hand can be seen at any time but the best time for this is morning time when the person wishing to show his hand had neither breakfast nor taken any food. The blood circulation gets speedier after taking food due to which the minor lines on the hand become almost invisible after the intake of food.

3) A person showing his hand or the Questioner should have taken bath before showing the hand. Getting up just after sleep, with a dirty or lazy body, makes the atmosphere irrelevant and causes hindrances in foretelling.

4) One should not show his hand after strenous excercises or after a hard work as this is not favorable.

5) A hand should not be shown when it is very hot or cold outside. This is because the hand changes its color in extreme temperature conditions.

6) No person after taking drinks or intoxicants or in sub-normal conditions should go to the palmist.

7) Also the palmist should not see any hand while he is in an angry mood or is in a perturbed state for any reason.

8) A hand should be examined in an unconcerned manner. The palmist cannot remain unconcerned if the person is a loved one or an enenmy. In that case the future telling becomes more or less unrealistic.

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