The following are the different types of textures of hands.

Rough hands: To possess rough hands denotes the opposite of smooth hands. Their temper is uneven and easy to be roused. Such individuals usually are more coarse and earthy, and are more fascinated with the concrete than abstract ideas. They are hard workers.

Smooth hands: A person with a very calm and unruffled temperament has smooth hands. He will rarely lose his temper and maintains calmness in times of turmoil as well.

Lined hands: When the hands are networked with a large amount of fine lines, it reveals that the person is fretful, worrisome, and easily vexedor angered.

Soft hands: To possess soft hands means he is a sloth. Though an individual may possess brilliant markings designing great talent, if the hand is very soft, they will find motivation difficult, and perseverance even more so. These hands have a tendency for sensuality and immoral activities.

Firm hands: Firm hands denote a great deal of energy and drive and an active nature. Those with firm hands will start many projects, often simultaneously, and possess the energy and will power to see them to their end.

Hard hands: If the hands are hard but not springy, and instead bony and tough, the individual lacks energy and enthusiasm. In hard hands, there is no energy to begin with. It means a dispassionate, selfish, and potentially pessimistic nature.

Naturally, a hand may possess a combination of the above qualities, for it is possible to have a soft, smooth hand or a hard and rough hand. In such cases, the above metnioned qualitites add up to define the individual.


Red: color of the palm indicates a great robustness. A red handed guy will be passionate, quick-tempered, and ardent. A red line will indicate much of the same, but it will be modified by the function of the line, i.e. a red line of life will indicate a vigorous, robust health coupled with an active nature, while a red line of heart will denote overflowing and heartfelt emotions.

Yellow: in the palm is the mark of the melancholy and morose character.

Pink: hue in the palm denotes a hopeful, sanguine, enthusiastic, and bright nature. One may consider it to be a less extreme manifestation of a red hand or line. This is the optimal color for any line in a healthy and well-adjusted person.

White: color denotes a lack of interest in the outside world and those with whom the bearer may associate. White hands are egotistical, consequenting in selfishness and a lack of sympathy for others. It is also a symbol for general ill-health and weakness.

Black: line denotes a trait of a person as grave, haughty, distant, and vengeful.


The manner in which the lines are engraved on the palm can be segregated as under:

A deeply-cut line strengthens the influence of the line over other traits. The deepest line on a palm signifies the most important aspect of their life, i.e. a deeply-cut Line of Heart would designate an emotional, passionate person, while a deep Line of Head would betray an individual enamored with ideas and the intellect.

A thin line indicates the opposite, of a deeply cut line as would be expected. A thin line will have little influence over the bearer's life, just as a thin Line of Fate would show little direction in life and a thin Line of Life would show weakness of constitution and health.

A broad and shallow line is also a sign of weakness, but typically due to physical factors, either congenital or incidental.

Normal line is straight, firm, light pink in hue, and clearly marked on the palm and it denotes a normal and average person.

Apart from the primary and secondary lines, there may be lines of chance and influence that rise and fall. One may ascertain whether a line is rising or falling by the varying thickness of a line.

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