The nails on the fingers whould also be taken into consideration while studying a plam. These nails are at the tip of fingers and help in protecting the fingers.The nails protect the tips of fingers so that the fingers do not get damaged or hurt by a blow from outside and these nails help in enhancing the beauty of the fingers.

The different types of nails are:

Short Nails- Short nails reveal that the man is uncivilized. Such person might have been born in a high family, yet he would be narrow-minded, weak and of wicked tendencies.

Short and Pale Nails- Such nails reveal the wickedness of the individual. Such a person tells lies at every step and will even deceive his own family. He cannot be trusted.

Short and Rectangular Nails- A person having such nails on his fingers is a heart patient and dies of heart attack.

Short and Wide Nails- Such persons believe in quarelling. Ctiticizng and interfering in other's works is their sole aim in life. They are stubborn in nature.

Hard and Narrow Nails- These persons are generally quarrelsome in nature. Once they make up their mind they shall do anything even if it is wrong. They stick to their decisions.

Square Nails- Such nails reveal the wicked nature of the individual. Such nails show that the man is a coward, timid and subdued.

Short and Triangular Nails- Such nails are generally wide at the upper tip and narrow at the lower end. Persons with such nails are lazy and hesitant to work. They like loneliness and do not like others to interfere in their matters.

Nails wider in proportion to Length- Such persons get angry quickly. They complete any work they have started without leaving it midway.

Short nails and knotty fingers- Such persons are quarrelsome. If such nails are found in the fingers of a female, then she must be dominating her husband and also quarrelsome.

Rounded Nails- Persons having rounded nails at the tip are quarrelsome and take quick decisions. They know how to act on the decision they have taken.

Thin and Long Nails- Such persons are weak-bodied and fickle-minded. They cannot take independent decisions and act on the advise given by others.

Long and Curved Nails- Such persons are not of good character and do have affairs with many women. They get bad names in their `s several times.

Perfect Nails- Such nails are little longer than wider and have a natural lustre. They are men of high ideals and good-intentioned. They would be successful in their lives.


Black Spots - If a person has black spots on his nails then he is liekly to meet with great calamity in life. Black spots on nails are an indication of impurity of blood. One is soon to get sick with small-pox, malaria, fever or any other disease connected with the impurity of blood.

White Spots- White sports indicate some obstruction to the circulation of blood and also indicate some future diseases. If such spots are found on the nails then it has to be concluded then that the the man is likely to get sick soon.

Half Moon- A hlaf moon on the index finger indicates promotion and some good news. Half moon in the finger of Saturn indicates that the person shall get benefits from machinery related industry and also there is the possibility of getting money. Half moon on the finger of Apollo indicates that the person shall soon rise in status. Half Moon in the little finger indicates profits in business dealings. Half Moon on the thumb base indicates progress and auspiciousness.

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