transverse marks Transverse Marks

A transverse linw marking on the hand is an evil sign that nullifies the positive qualities of any mount it is found upon. Though a person may have the markings of a heroic mount, these qualities can be reduced if it has a score of transverse lines. If transverse lines are found across the Mount of Mercury, it indicates that the bearer will use his/her talents of diplomacy and tact for deceit and guile for ill gains.

vertical marks Vertical Marks

Vertical markings are a benefic sign. If found on the mounts, they heighten its positive qualities and assist in annulling any poor signs also located on the mount. They are theopposites of the aforementioned transverse markings. Vertical markings upon the Mount of Mercury will bring a great deal of tact and loquaciousness to serve for pleasant communication and friendship. It will emphasize science and business skills. Two vertical lines on the Mount of Mercury are often the symbol of a Doctor or Biologist.

grille lines The Grille

The grille is a point at which the energies of the hand dissipate or escape out. If grilles are found throughout the entirety of the hand, the power of its bearer is constantly drained by vexations and imagined slights. If a grille appears on the mount, it saps or thwarts the qualities of the mount, e.g. such a Grille on the Mount of Apollo will forever put off the attainment of any true success in life.

cross at palm The Cross

Crosses always denote troubles, disappointment, danger, and when found on lines, the harm to the bearer may be aggravated as the Holy Cross of Jesus Christ. Occasionally it can refer to a dramatic change in one's life due to a crisis or hardship. They should always be considered an ill omen save for two cases: when found on the Mount of the Jupiter and when located between the Head and Heart lines, known as the "Croix Mystique". The bearer of such a symbol is purported to possess a greater degree of mysticism, occultism, and superstition.

The position of the "Croix Mystique" is also quite important. If located high up, near the Mount of Jupiter, the bearer will exhibit belief in mysticism only for their own gain. Those with crosses further from the Mount of Jupiter will care more for the principles and methods by which the mystical experience was expressed rather than its immediate application to themselves.

palm star The Star

The star is a symbol of good and sudden brilliance in a person's life. A line that ends in a star signifies the greatest accomplishments possible; however, the star often carries with it an unpleasant price. For example if the Line of Apollo ends in a star, it denotes great fame, but this often results in the bearer suffering the loss of their private sphere to their successful public sphere.A star on the mounts will naturally denote great proficiency with the mount's corresponding traits, yet these traits may consume some of the other bearer's qualities. The star is certainly a sign to be viewed with great caution.

island The Island

The Island is always a negative sign. It is often a sign of some hereditary evil, such as a heart condition or intemperance with spirits, but it may just as easily represent non-congenital emotional stress. The island is a gradual and prolonged, and oft times subtle period of strife in an individual's life. It could represent mounting stress on the line of the head, and manifest itself as headaches. On the Line of Fate, It could be a period in which the individual finds himself surrounded with mounting debts that peak at the widest point of the island.These misfortunes will last to the extent that the island is long.

palm square The Square

The square is almost always a benefic symbol. It denotes an especial significance when covering an area that is experiencing turmoil, such as chained, broken, or dotted lines. In this instance, difficulties will arise but the bearer will persevere and the crisis will be averted or thwarted. Damage may be reduced to a minimal one or prevented all together. A square after perturbations in a line signifies repair.The one instance in which the square denotes negative influences is when it is found on the upper portion of the Mount of Venus near the life line, where it denotes detention or incarceration.

palm circle The Circle

The circle is a very rare marking in palmistry. It is an evil mark unless it be on a mount, in which case it usually augments the powers and promise of a mount. If it touches any line, it brings inescapable misfortune to the line it touches.The native would go round and round in a circle without being able to break through and get free out of life's hassles.

palm triangle The Triangle

The triangle is a positive sign, though strong significance should be ascribed to it only when it stands as an independent mark, not composed of intersecting lines. It denotes mental flourish and success corresponding to the location of the mark, i.e., if it were to be found upon the Mount of Apollo, it would denote an artistic success. If found alongside a line, it will naturally take on significance dependent upon the line.The triangle will never reach the great heights of success,but it possesses balance and will not carry with it the backlash that so often accompanies the star.

palm spots The Spot

The spot is a sign of a distinct event or malady, though it often comes in groups that denote a chronic disorder. If found on a line, it typically signifies a temporary illness corresponding to the line, e.g., a spot on the Line of Head indicates some violence to the head or brain fever.

palm trident The Trident

The trident is a most propitious marking wherever it may lay. If it rises from a line, it will expound the qualities of that line and draw additional power from the mounts or lines that branch on either side head towards. If found on a mount, the trident carries with it great flourish of the properties of that mount in conjunction with its neighboring mounts. The trident is such a powerful symbol that it eclipses the star in beneficence.

palm tassel The Tassel

A tasseled line can oft be found at the end of the lifeline; as the individual weakens and deteriorates with age, so too does the line. Such is the case with the Line of Head, where it denotes a weakening of mental clarity and approaching senility or old age ; the Line of Heart with a deteriorating heart condition or emotional trauma that has left the individual very feeble and unstable.

droping offshoots Drooping Offshoots

Lines that droop from any larger line indicate a disappointment in life. Along the Line of Heart, it denotes disappointment in love or an unfortunate event in which the individual became too emotionally involved. Along the Line of Head, it may signify the obstruction of one's ideals or disillusionment

palm rising offshoots Rising Offshoots

Rising offshoots are the inverse of the drooping offshoots. They represent periods of sudden inspiration, fruition, and happiness. It will draw upon the qualities of the mount that it is directed to. For example, an offshoot springing from the Line of Head and nearing the Mount of Mercury is a sign of scientific prowess--perhaps an invention, or a discovery, or a synthesis of concepts that have long been drifting through the individual's mind, but had hitherto been dissociated.

palm sisterlines Sister Lines

Sister lines support the line along which they follow. Some sister lines are quite common, such as the Line of Mars, which accompanies and strengthens the constitution denoted by the Line of Life; The Line of Apollo is a sister line for the Line of Fate, as it serves a similar function and accentuates the fulfillment one feels in the course of their career.Sister lines protect and heal lines that are broken, crooked, frayed, or side-by-side. Lest a line exist with several negative markings, sister lines will be the guiding hand that shall shield the bearer from the brunt of life's assaults.

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