The length of the fingers supplies various information about the character. A long-fingered person is analytical and academic, liking to study things in detail. A person with markedly short fingers is very practical and intuitive, liking to go with their gut instinct. When the hands are in proportion it shows a balanced personality.

The proportion of the fingers in relation to each other is very important. They each stand for a character marking and indicate the strength of that quality.

Forefinger : Confidence, ego, ambition, drive.

Middle finger : Discipline, balance.

Ring finger : Emotional expression, creativity.

Little finger : Communication.

A balanced ego is indicated when the forefinger reaches the bottom of the nail of the middle finger.

Balanced emotions are indicated when the ring finger reaches the bottom of the nail of the middle finger.

Great confidence is indicated when the fore finger reaches past the bottom of the nail of the middle finger.

Very emotional and creative impulses are indicated when the ring finger reaches past the bottom of the nail of the middle finger.

A lack of confidence is indicated when the fore finger doesn't reach past the bottom of the nail of the middle finger.

Blocked emotions are indicated when the ring finger doesn't reach past the bottom of the nail of the middle finger.

When the middle finger is prominent, standing out from the rest, it shows a serious and intense nature.

When the little finger stands out naturally from your hand it shows an independent and outspoken nature.


Rings on the fingers can indicate your inner character.Many rings on the hand shows somebody who is wearing emotional armour and is relying on outer things for their wellbeing.

Forefinger: ambition, need to enhance your ego.

Middle finger: Materialistic nature.

Ring finger: This is conventional and is only noted if there are multiple or large rings adorning it. If this is the case then emotional or creative frustration could be present.

Little finger: It is common to see this in the gay community. Otherwise it could indicate difficulties in sexual expression.


Signs found on fingers are of great importance to a palmist. They have great significance in Criminology. A persons character and his way of thinking can be known fully. His individuality can be understood with the help of these signs. These signs are:

Javelin: If there is a sign of Javelin or an arrow in the first phalange of the finger, then the person is very capable and learned from an intellectual point of view. Such persons succeed in adverse conditions and win over the conditions and are capable of working according to the atmosphere. Such perons have heart trouble in their old age.

Tent: Signs like a tent on the phalanges of fingers of some persons indicates that they are kind-hearted and rise very high by means of their artistic talents. They also take undue advantage of others. They are unbalanced mentally and their family life is troublesome.

Circle: Sign of circle on fingers is considered auspicious. Such persons are independent in their thougths and originality is seen in all they do. They remain away from old beliefs and conservatism.

Arch: Persons with arch on their fingers are generally lazy and of suspicious nature. They do not have confidence in themselves and also in others. They create an atmosphere of illusion around them. They gain special success in mystic works and detective services.

Triangle: The sign of triangle marks a man mysterious. Such persons are able to make their bodies strong by practicing yoga. They love loneliness and are orthodox.

Star: Persons on whose fingers the sign of star or cross is visible are very fateful and fortunate. They receive wealth in life quite unexpectedly many times. They remain happy from the financial point of view.

Net: Fingers with net on them are indicative that the man will meet with more obstacles and difficulties in life. They overcome these difficulties and come unscathed by their sheer will-power. They are less comfortable and less happy in life. Such signs are seen in the hands of culprits and dacoits.

Rectangle: If rectangle is seen on the phalange of the finger then the person is laborious. He keeps the Goddess of wealth in his house. He is properous and happy in life.

If more than one of the above signs is seen on the fingers of a person, then the person is entitled to the combined benefits of those signs.

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